DigiT-Africa Project

The Covid-19 pandemic has come, in 2020 and 2021, to confirm even more the importance of the digitalisation of administrations, companies, and of course higher education institutions. African countries are committed to the digital movement, nevertheless, they are doing so at a slower pace. This is certainly linked to economic, cultural, and p olitical factors, but also to a lack of knowledge and capacity of HEIs to renew their teaching practices through the prism of digital technolog y. In this proposal, we dig deep into this problem of digital divide and propose a contribution to its reduction. We base our ideas and orientations on previous studies that have clearly delineated the critical need but also the challenges faced by African HEIs to adapt to current and future labor market demands and student expectations. We thus propose a strategic f ramework to steer - up and guide digitalisation. This framework is culturally as well as functionally adaptable to avoid a one - size - fits - all solution. The transfer of good practice from Europe to Africa is important to serve this goal, for this we propose th e creation of digital centres bearing the mission of growing all stakeholders involved in the mission of higher education in digital and soft skill s. We liaise with other societal stakeholders for knowledge and skills transfer by establishing communities o f practice and digital - divers. The proposal’s results aim to create an impact by influencing a sectoral change in Africa and by providing Europe wi th a bed for testing their existing strategies and expertise on a different environment